• Suggested Texts

    As recommended by Jeff Walter PT, DPT, NCS

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    Editor: Susan Herdman PT, PhD, FAPTA & Richard Clendaniel PT, PhD

    This text is highly recommended. It was specifically written for therapists and is quite easily readable. Susan Herdman has made remarkable contributions to the rehabilitative management of individuals with vestibular disorders. This is an essential text for the practitioner interested in specializing in vestibular rehabilitation.

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    Joel Goebel MD

    This text is a nice adjunct to Herdman's text (above). It is a nice overview on the general management of vestibular disorders. I found the text to be organized efficiently and quite readable.

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    Gary Jacobson PhD and Neil Shepard PhD

    This book comprehensively reviews diagnostic testing and management options. It is an ideal text for an audiologist responsible for administration and interpretation of vestibular testing in a laboratory type setting.

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    Editors R. John Leigh, MD and David Zee MD ​

    This is a detailed text providing valuable information on abnormal eye movement and their clinical significance. This is an area where novice therapists struggle as this is not covered in detail in most curriculum. I would recommend reading this text after reviewing Vestibular Rehabilitation by Susan Herdman (see above). This text is a challenging read.