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    The Vestibular Disorders Association's mission is to support and empower vestibular patients on their journey back to balance.

    We envision a global community where vestibular disorders are widely recognized, rapidly diagnosed, and effectively treated.

  • What Does VeDA Have to Offer?

    FREE Resources for both Patients and Clinicians!

    VeDA's Provider Directory

    Use VeDA's free provider directory to search for a vestibular health care professional near you. Search by zip code, city, or by a specific provider's name. You can even filter your results down to a specific specialty.

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    Educating yourself about your vestibular disorder can help you better manage symptoms and communicate more effectively with family, friends, and health professionals. VeDA produces free publications that are written or reviewed by vestibular professionals spanning a wide range of subjects.

    A gift of any amount helps!

    Your gift will help VeDA continue to reach people with inner ear and brain balance disorders by providing information and support, helping to improve their treatment outcomes and quality of life. Together we can make a difference to the thousands of people suffering from vestibular disorders!

    Educational Handouts for your Patients

    VeDA has published over 60 educational articles on vestibular disorders, with topics ranging from the Human Balance System, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Balance and Aging, and BPPV. These handouts are available free on their website.

    Find your next CEU course!

    VeDA provides a comprehensive list of upcoming courses offered around the country (and the world!) for clinicians interested in vestibular rehabilitation.

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    You can sign up for an individual professional membership or receive a group discount by registering your entire organization. Sign up today access to Pro-level benefits as well as support an organization that provides FREE resources to you and your patients.

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  • Danielle Tolman, PT, DPT


    Danielle is a proud member of the board for VeDA and serves on multiple committees.